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 Levels of Membership

  • Membership for individuals who pay dues of ten dollars ($10.00) annually will become a voting member

  • Membership for contributing members will be twenty-five ($25.00) annually this is a nonvoting membership. 

  • Membership for businesses, institutional or professional members will be fifty dollars ($50.00) this is a nonvoting membership. 

  • Life Membership will be two hundred dollars ($200.00) in one payment and this is a voting membership. 

*  as per Article I; Section 6 of the LHS Bylaws, annual dues are payable on January 1st. Members in arrears more than 3 months after this date shall be suspended as voting members. Members that have been suspended will be reinstated only after they have paid all dues in arrears plus dues for the current year. All dues are due by March 1st of the calendar year. 

Membership Application 

 Send Checks To: 

Lumberton Historical  Society 

P.O. Box 22

Lumberton, NJ 08048

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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