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Did You Know Lumberton had 3 established Shoe Factories?

Reading from the oral history of Caleb Ridgway, it can be found that he mentions three established shoe factories in town. The Frank Morton Shoe Company was in operation in 1877. This factory was located on Chestnut Street. It was not so much a "factory" as we would think of in todays terms, it was more a Shoe Shop. Later in 1882, a family run factory, The Reid Factory was established on Main Street and East Landing (Municipal Drive) along the then existing rail road tracks. The home of the owner, Mr. Reid is still on the site where the factory was built. (Red House on the right side of Municipal Drive). The Lumberton Shoe Manufacturing Company was then established around 1885, which was owned by partners, Shinn and Reid. This company was in operation until 1933. The factory chiefly made babies and children's shoes and were sold through the Sears and Roebuck Catalog.

At the Museum we have a selection of examples of the shoes made in Lumberton.


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